Forensic Engineering

A science dealing with the application of engineering principles to aid in problem or dispute resolution and clarify legal or contractual obligations. There is no substitute for experience.  The insight experience affords leads to more thoughtful and complete design and to better understanding of the principles of nature at work in our environment.  When accidents happen or when forces at work in our environment cause damage or loss, often times the cause and effect are not clear nor easily understood.

The application of scientific thought coupled with years of design and construction experience offers the highest potential of concise analysis, recognition, and definition of contributing factors.  Upon discovery of the true cause(s), the path to claim resolution becomes clear and predictable.  The team of professionals and their capabilities described here can provide the highest level of scientific thought, engineering analysis, three dimensional rendering, and graphical representation required to remove the confusion and uncertainty surrounding an event.  The team can operate anywhere within the state of  Nevada by virtue of multiple office locations.